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Yeah, yeah
You're beautiful
Both on the inside
And on the outside
You are my best side
You really bring out my entire best side
You're so amazing
You're so special
So great that my words can't ever fully
Describe you on this dope instrumental
You're running through my mental
You're always on my mind
I'm always thinking about last night like my mind's
A VCR that's set to rewind
You truly take me for who I am
You take all the good along with all the bad
Take me with open arms
When I'm happy or sad
When I'm glad or mad
For this I am truly grateful
You're never distasteful
You're one of a kind
Love doesn't make you blind
That's what I think though
Anybody with eyes can easily see
How beautiful you are
How much you mean to me
You fill my heart with joy and ecstasy
I love being with you
There's no place I'd rather be
When we met it was truly destiny

There's no place I'd rather be
You are my only
I'll give you all my love
I'll give you all my love

We are meant to be
When I get to see you
My heart beats so fast
Feels like I ran a mile
For you I'd run many miles
I'd do anything for you
I will do nothing but only adore you
And take care of you
What you truly deserve
Is all of the best
And that's what I'm
Gonna give to you
I will put you first
So when it gets tough
You will be the one
That I'll always run to
I will have your back
And you will have mine
This feeling of love
Man it is so divine
When I'm not with you
It can get really hard
I miss you all the time
This love this devotion
Feeling all of this emotion
It's pouring out through
These different rhyme schemes
I hope this feeling ends up lasting forever
No matter the endeavor
You really are so clever

There's no place I'd rather be
You are my only
I'll give you all my love
I'll give you all my love

You really do
Bring out the best in me
Without you shawty
I feel so empty
Yeah with you shawty
My heart feels so full
With you it's never dull
You really complete me
You never need to
Ever compete for me
'Cause you're the only one
That is made for me
You're the only one I need
You are perfect to me
You're everything to me
You make me so happy
Never kind of crappy
I don't even care
But I know that it's sappy
Imma keep feeling this way
So I hope that it is ok
Hope you like this song
This is like my love letter